After a large snow storm and blizzard in late 2007 that essentially brought the City of Saskatoon to a standstill, the Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) identified the need for a volunteer group who were trained and available to assist in a variety of circumstances. Saskatoon Search and Rescue (SSAR) was formed and incorporated as a non-profit organization early in 2008 and is the only volunteer organization formally recognized as being part of the EMO structure.  SSAR is a member chapter of Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV).

SSAR has continued to grow and develop as a professional and well trained group of people and is continuously evolving with additional skills, capabilities and experience.

Saskatoon Search and Rescue members are from all walks of life. What is common to all of our members is a desire to volunteer their time and effort to support their community and be there to make the difference in the unfortunate event that someone goes missing or our assistance is required in some other emergency. 

Our mission is to support the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Saskatoon Police Service, Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization or other designated authority in their efforts to locate lost or missing persons; or to assist in other related emergencies such as door-to-door notification, evidence recovery and in severe weather activities within our community or other surrounding communities in the province of Saskatchewan.