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We accomplished A LOT in 2017! Our snazzy “Year in Review” has all the details here!

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Our 2016 year in review article is spiced up a bit from previous years. Check it out here!

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Written by Dale Liebrecht, SSAR Training Director  With every moment that elapses, a search area gets exponentially larger. Our subject may be in distress and the minutes that expire are crucial to the mission. Saskatoon Search And Rescue has enormous technical capacity, but it is deployed at the expense of time. Our team will quickly and carefully decide which technical and non-technical assets to deploy. Once the decision is made, we respond safely with both speed and accuracy. Our last training days have focused on improving the process of setting up our command post and logistics/communications trailer. We made significant improvements...

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Written by Dale Liebrecht Saskatoon Search and Rescue recently purchased a small 6’ x 4’ trailer. We needed a unit that would serve three main purposes. Utilize it as a storage system that would increase the limited space available in our command trailer. Serve as a rapidly deployable communications asset that could house our new deep cycle batteries, Kenwood repeater system and Noco smart battery chargers. While being deployed on long SAR missions, we now have the ability to carry logistical supplies that can sustain us independent of outside agencies and support. In addition to these three critical milestones, the...