SAR Resources

SAR-Related Training/Education

Incident Command System ICS 100 offered at no cost by the Government of Saskatchewan, Office of the Fire Commissioner (This includes the Home Study Package and the Multiple Choice Exam. Although not required for the course, a link to the ICS Incident Briefing Forms is also available.)

Other ICS courses for SAR members and other agencies involved in emergency planning are offered by Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization. There is no cost to most of these courses.

The Justice Institute of British Columbia offers several online courses in their Emergency Management Certificate Program


Basic Search and Rescue Skills: A Practitioner’s Guide to Search and Rescue by Richard Smith, Patrick LaValla et al. (ERI Canada Inc. and ERI International, 2003)

Lost Person Behavior: A Search and Rescue Guide on Where to Look — for Land Air and Water, by Robert J. Koester (dbS Productions, 2008)

Urban Search: Managing Missing Person Searches in the Urban Environment, by Christopher S. Young and John Wehbring (dbS Productions, 2007)

Lost Person Behavior

Big Red Safety Toolkit: A Digital Resource for First Responders (National Autism Association, 2012)

Wandering Behaviour & Alzheimer’s Disease