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The Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation (DDCDC) is once again supporting Saskatoon Search and Rescue! In 2013 a grant from the Corporation assisted SSAR in funding the purchase of GPS units. These were invaluable during several search activations this past year, accurately marking areas searched by our members and allowing us to give accurate location information to our search managers and our agencies of jurisdiction. DDCDC has now generously provided funding assistance for our Emergency Communications Project, recognizing the importance of timely assistance and a reliable means of communication in crisis situations. Debbie Dreaver, Community Investment Coordinator, says “Supporting the...

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Over the past four months, our group of new recruits, including myself, has been in basic searcher training, the first step in becoming an active member of Saskatoon Search & Rescue (SSAR). Between the classroom and the field exercises there was a ton of information to absorb. Here’s a recap of our journey: In September we camped out at Blackstrap and had a busy weekend of orienteering, constructing improvised shelters, fire making, signaling (at day and night), near-water search skills, and survival discussions. It was a great weekend of testing out new gear and getting some hands-on training in the...

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The morning started with coffee. Not my personal thing, but most of the participants in the course appreciated the morning java fix provided by the Saskatoon Police Service – especially the searchers from Regina who’d left Regina at 6:00am to make it on time. The classroom part of the training was hosted at the spiffy new SPS Headquarters building. Spiffy in the sense that it’s new but also that it doesn’t feel like you’re in a police station. Then we were introduced to our first speaker, Dr. Ernie Walker. Had I not met him before on a real search I...

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We are thrilled that SGI CANADA has become the first confirmed sponsor of our Emergency Communications Project and they recognize the value that search and rescue services bring to our community. “SGI CANADA is pleased to support Saskatoon Search and Rescue,” said Penny McCune, Vice President of Customer and Distribution Strategy. “I would like to take the opportunity to thank those who volunteer their time and assist Emergency Responders when crisis strikes. SGI CANADA is committed to investing in our communities and responding quickly with assistance when crisis situations arise.” As a corporate citizen, SGI CANADA believes that giving back...