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Congratulations to Scott Wright for being the 2014 recipient of the Shield Award from the Saskatoon Fire Department. What a great way to celebrate National Volunteer Week! Scott Wright was born into search and rescue. His father was a helicopter pilot in the Air Force and Scott grew up hanging out with SAR techs and being used as a spotter during search exercises. As a teenager living in British Columbia, he was involved with the Coast Guard’s Marine Search and Rescue. Scott moved around the country a lot before setting down in Saskatchewan. In each place he lived he always...

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Have you ever watched children playing and observed their love for the outdoors? Seen what fascinates them and holds their interest? “You can tell who would make a good Search and Rescue member one day,” says Rick Barsky. “I hope I’m encouraging the next generation.” After 25 years working and owning a business in the photofinishing industry, Rick took a year off, got a student loan, went back to school and entered a whole new profession. As an Educational Assistant in the Saskatoon Public School Division for the past 15 years, Rick works with pre-kindergarten and special needs children at...

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SSAR President Jeff Baxter recently took part in a major Search and Rescue training exercise in Yellowknife, NWT. What a great experience! The exercise was run by Arctic Response Canada Ltd. as part of the Ground Search Liaison portion of the Canadian Armed Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre’s Arctic Operations Advisor Course (AOAC). Other organizations supporting the exercise included: Yellowknife Search and Rescue RCMP Yellowknife Municipal Enforcement Division NWT Coroner Jeff’s roles included Search Manager and Exercise Director. In addition to planning appropriate search tasks to fit the scenarios and briefing the teams, he also coordinated the actors and other...

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On Monday, February 17, SSAR members provided first aid services at the Cameco Family Day Skating Party at the Meewasin skating rink. Thankfully it was a much warmer day than when we did this at the Potash Corp Skating Party in January! It was great fun and there were lots of people out and lots of activities for people to take part in. This was another great event for public exposure of SSAR and being prepared to use our first aid skills. Thanks to Rebecca Basset, Sherry Buller, Henry Eng, Chris Franko and Kent Orosz for volunteering. (For more photos from...